Даниил Власов (dvlasov) wrote,
Даниил Власов

About me

Daniil Vlasov is a composer.

His education is Daniil is a laureate of
  • the Russian President's Stipend (2009),
  • the Rostov Governor's prize (2007),
a prize-winner of
  • the "Dedication to Mozart" composer contest (2006),
  • the First Artamonov young composers contest (1997),
a finalist of
  • Radio "Orpheus" composer contest (2009),
  • the Third composer contest of PRO ARTE (2010),
a member of the Russian Composers Union (since 2006).

Among the performers of his music are
  • chamber orchestra Kremlin,
  • GAMEnsemble,
  • ensembles PRO ARTE, Nostri Temporis, Capriccio, Anarchy,
  • conductors Roman Belyshev, Valery Khlebnikov, Semyon Kogan, Fyodor Lednyov, Dmitry Nozdrachyov, Misha Rachlevsky.
Daniil Vlasov is also a certified web developer and a founder of several web projects.


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